Welcome Aboard


Welcome Aboard!

In order to be set up in payroll, there are a number of required forms that must be completed. You will also find important information such as policies and benefits to include optional benefits. 

Now, let's get started! The links below
 provide access to all of the required forms. The first is a checklist and link to all of the required forms for Substitute, Part-time, or Athletic Coaching Positions. With each of the required forms, there is a sample completed form to further assist you. To access the completed form, see the master list at the bottom of this page.  

All forms requiring information are fillable forms. To access them, you must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You will not be able to save the forms so be sure you print them after they are completed. Once completed and printed, please sign as needed. 

#1:  Substitutes, Coaches and Part-time Master Checklist
       a. Substitute Teacher Application

#2:  Full-time Employee Master Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Master List of Forms:

403B Plan Elective Deferrals Notice​​
Automatic Direct Deposit Form
   Automatic Direct Deposit Completed Form
Check Example for Direct Deposit
Basic Group Life Coverage Information from VRS
Benefit Deduction Worksheet 2017-2018
COBRA Extended Coverage General Notice
Confidentiality Agreement
Completed Confidentiality Agreement
Electronic W-2 Consent Form
   Completed Consent Form for Email Electronic W2 Delivery
DMV Information Request Form
Completed DMV Information Request Form
Driver Personal Recommendation Form
Completed Driver Personal Recommendation Form
School Bus Driver's Application for Physician's Certificate
Completed School Bus Driver's Application for Physician's Certificate
Dept of Social Services Background Check
   Completed Dept of Social Services Background Check Form
Ethnicity and Race Form
Completed Ethnicity and Race Form
Fingerprint Authorization Form
Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Overview 2017
FSA Enrollment Form 17-18 LD&B
FSA Open Enrollment Brochure 2017-18
Flexible Spending Account Medical Information 
VRS Hybrid Plan Handbook
Federal I-9
Federal I-9 Instructions
Completed Federal I-9 Form
Internet Policy Agreement
Completed Internet Policy Agreement
Key Advantage 1000 2017-18
Key Advantage 250 2017-2018
TLC Benefit Comparison of Plans 2017-18
New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage
Optional Group Life Ins- Evidence of Insurability Form
Optional Group Life Insurance Booklet
Optional VRS Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form
   Completed Optional VRS Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form
Optional Allstate Critical Care Brochure
Optional Allstate Short Term Disability Brochure
Optional Allstate Group Accident Brochure
Optional Allstate Group Cancer Brochure
Optional Allstate Enrollment Form (AHL) (contact Lona Bishop 540-336-5891​​​​​
Personnel Information Sheet
Completed Personnel Information Sheet
Premium Assistance Under Medicaid CHIP
Prior Employment Verification Form
Completed Prior Employment Verification Form
Driver-Student Driver Training Form
Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Form
Substitute Teacher Application

Completed Substitute Teacher Application

Take Care Package
Tuberculosis (TB) Form.pdf
The Local Choice Employee/Retiree Privacy Notice.
TLC Enrollment Form 2017-18
  Completed TLC Enrollment Form​​
Virginia W-4 (VA-4) Form
    Completed VA-4 Form
VRS Life Insurance Certificate
VRS Beneficiary Form
Completed VRS Beneficiary Form
VRS Plans Comparison
VRS Brochure on How to Access Your Account
VRS Hybrid Plan Beneficiary Designation Form (non fillable)
   Completed VRS Hybrid Plan Beneficiary Designation Form
VRS Hybrid Plan Highlights Brochure
W-4 Federal Form 2017
   Completed W-4 2017
Women's Health and Cancer Rights