Triplett Tech Electricity Students to the Rescue

Triplett Tech Electricity Students to the Rescue
Posted on 06/08/2016
Spencer McIntosh with Triplett Electricity students

About a year ago, Spencer McIntosh, a much-respected gentleman and resident of Shenandoah County, was in an accident that left him a quadriplegic.  For several years, Mr. McIntosh had been a valuable substitute teacher for Shenandoah County Public Schools, especially for Triplett Tech.   


When Connie Pangle, Principal of Triplett Tech, heard that Mr. McIntosh was once again “out and about,” she invited him to come to Triplett to meet their new carpentry teacher and to have lunch with the faculty.    “Mr. McIntosh was our go-to-guy,” she said.  “We called Spencer before we called anyone else.  He could sub in any department.   During our lunch, we mentioned to Spencer that if any department could help him in any way, just to let us know.   So, he gave us a call when he needed some electrical work done at his home.”  

“I try to get my Electricity II students out of the building working on real-world jobs as much as possible,” said Dagan Stephens, Electricity teacher at Triplett. “The students have benefitted greatly from all of the off-site work this year, but completing the work for Mr. McIntosh was very special to them. The food was a big surprise! His family was very generous each day.   We made electrical home improvements related to safety, and we relocated electrical devices making them more accessible from his chair. I feel this experience will have a lasting impact on all the students. One they will never forget!”

TT students surround Mr. McIntosh with support
Triplett Tech Electricity students surround Spencer McIntosh with their support.

Pictured left to right:
Alegandro Joaquin, Alex Medrano, Jacob Helsley, Christian Plauger, Christian Neff, Jacob Stephens
Not Pictured:
Adam Lamma, Chase, Campbell, Jonathen May, Levi Ryan, Corie Baker

Jacob Helsley, a senior at Stonewall Jackson High School and a student in Mr. Stephens’ classroom said that he was glad they had helped Mr. McIntosh. “It was for a great cause,” he commented.  “Once we got done with the work, we all sat down with Mr. McIntosh, and he talked about the accident.  It just makes you think about how a person’s life can change in an instant.  Mr. McIntosh is a great guy!”  

Mr. McIntosh expressed sincere appreciation to the boys for their work and to Mr. Stephens for his initiative.  His efforts and the boys’ work,” said Mr. McIntosh, “have meant a great deal to us.'  The Triplett students were “so, so polite,” he added.   “We really enjoyed having them at our home.  My wife Jessie and my daughter Noel fixed lunch for them each day,” and he added with a laugh, “those boys, well, they ate a lot!”   

Mr. McIntosh is planning to return to substitute teaching next fall.  As he talks, he is certain to include mention of his wife Jessie and his daughters Noel Frye and Ella McIntosh, who have been critically important to his recovery and return to work.   Spencer McIntosh will sub at Triplett Tech, Stonewall Jackson High School, and North Fork Middle School.    Daughter Noel will be his chauffeur and always accompany him in the classroom where she will be his hands.  

Shenandoah County Public Schools looks forward to the return of Spencer McIntosh, substitute teacher.

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