SCPS Report from Virginia FFA State Convention

Shenandoah County FFA Students "Unlock" their Potential at State Convention
Posted on 07/07/2016
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Shenandoah County middle and secondary students fared very well at the 2016 Virginia State FFA Convention, which was held June 20 - 23 at Virginia Tech.  "Unlock" was the theme for this year's convention, which marked the 90th anniversary of VA's FFA.  In an online video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=SJhOR8EcgVY), 2015-16 State FFA officers challenged FFA members to unlock their Potential, Passion, Knowledge, Purpose, Interest, Opportunity, Ambition, and Success.  

Ashley Yanego, graduate of Strasburg High School and 2016-17 State FFA president said, " Personally, I saw "unlock" as unlocking your full potential to be the best we can be; people can be presented with the same opportunity, but how we use it is what makes it great/personal. So unlocking potential and opportunities is what I thought of the theme this past year."

Shenandoah County FFA members unlocked opportunities for success at the state convention! 

FFA New Emblem
State Conference

(CDE's are Career Development Events.)

North Fork Middle School

Tarinda Moomaw, Advisor

Small Animal Care CDE
Sarah Eaton
Mindi Freed
Rhonnie Miller
Isabell Delllinger

Quiz Bowl CDE
Andrew Zirkle
Sarah Eaton
Isabell Dellinger
Mindi Freed

Mindi Freed
Isabell Dellinger

Peter Muhlenberg Middle School
Derek Ritenour, Advisor

Chapter Recognitions
*Superior Chapter
*National Chapter Awards Program  - Silver

Food and Fiber CDE - Third Place Team
Emma Eberly
Faith Dellinger
Henry Wakeman
Melanie McDonald

Small Animal Care CDE
Lindsey Hamrick
Reagan Bowman
Tyler Brunton

Agriscience Mechanics Technology CDE
Shyann Jordan
Jeremy Viar
Ethan Neff
Sierra Miller

Junior Meets Team - First in State Competition (March)
Faith Dellinger
Shyann Jordan
Jeremy Viar
Melanie McDonald

Signal Knob Middle School
Jaclyn Roller Ryan, Advisor

Food and Fiber CDE
Kiera Drummonds -  Bronze
Paris Sexton - Bronze
Markell Williams - Bronze
Reme Sharp - Bronze

Chapter Scrapbook
Baylee Hodson, Chapter Historian, submitted the SKMS FFA scrapbook for judging.

Stonewall Jackson High School
Jack Jarrett, Advisor
Warren Brill, Advisor
wdbrill@shenandoah .k12.va.us

Chapter Recognitions
*Superior Chapter
*Public Relations - Gold 

Avian Bowl CDE - Team Sixth Place

Dakokta  Baker
James Eaton
Emily Rexrode
Lindsay Zirkle

Livestock Judging CDE
Darcey Bennett,
Ben Burch
Matt Golladay
Josh Gordon

Job Interview CDE
Jessica Miller

State FFA Degree Received
Faith Funkhouser

American FFA Degree Received
Brittany Bowman
Katie Hackenbracht
Corey Harlow
Megan Stalbird

Central High School
Sherry Heishman. Advisor
Amanda Curry, Advisor

State Star
Mariyah Viar (Central High School, Class of 2006) has earned a State Star in Agricultural Placement.    The State Star award is the highest award that an FFA member can achieve in the FFA on the state level.  This award honors students who have developed outstanding agricultural skills and competencies through their career development programs; demonstrated outstanding management skills; earned the State FFA Degree and met other agricultural education, scholastic, and leadership requirements. 

State FFA Degree
Mariyah Viar
Ashton Duncan
Gracie Bailey

Chapter Recognitions
*Superior Chapter Rating
* 100% Membership Award
*Public Relations -- Gold 
*Forestry and Wildlife Chapter Award -- 1st in state.  This award is given based on the chapter who promotes and educates students in the areas of forestry and wildlife conservation.
*Top Chapter in the Northern Area, which reaches from Fairfax to Botetourt County along the I-81 Corridor and over to Page County.
*State winner in the Chapter Development section of the National Chapter Award

Poultry Evaluation Team -  1st in the state and will represent VA at the National FFA Convention in October.  
Gracie Baker (High individual)
Jacob French (4th high individual)
Isaac Rhodes
Jacob Coffey

Crops Evaluation CDE Team -- 1st  in the state and will represent VA at the National FFA Convention in October.
Kaitlin Mantz (3rd high individual )
Olivia Gochenour (4th high individual)
Lily Tharp (5th high individual)
Sam Rhodes (9th high individual)

Agricultural Sales CDE Team -- 2nd in the state
Jenna Kibler - High individual
Ashton Duncan - 8th high individual
Joseph Foltz
Katherine Williams

Dairy Handlers CDE
Jessica Myers - Silver

Job Interview CDE
Lenzi Loving

State Sentinel 
John-Robert Helsley served as the state Sentinel and presided over the 5th session at the state convention

Proficiency Award STATE Winners
Jenna Kibler--Beef Production Placement
John-Robert Helsley-- Diversified Agricultural Production Entrepreneurship
Samuel Rhodes -- Goat Production Entrepreneurship
Maranda McDonald--Poultry Production Entrepreneurship

Strasburg High School
Brian Fisher, Advisor
Abbi Copp, Advisor

Chapter Recognitions
* Superior Chapter
* Public relations - Gold
*Scrapbook - Gold

State Officer
Ashley Yanego, SHS  Class of 2016, was selected VA State FFA President for 2016-17.

State Proficiency Winners

Austin Weaver -- Agriculture Education
Bethany Gochenour -- Diversified Livestock
Tiffany Heishman -- Agriscience Research Diversified

State Degree Recipients
Ashley Yanego
Courtney Hodges
Miley Hupp
Rachel Funkhouser

Agriscience Fair
*Tiffany Heishman--Food Products and Processing, 1st in State   Tiffany had top 3 projects overall state-wide.
*Hannah Orndorff --Plant Systems-1st in State
Environmental and Natural Resources  CDE  
1st place 
Ethan Gochenour
Devon Eyring --2nd place individual
Hannah Orndorff 
Ashley Yanego

Agronomy CDE - 4th Place 
Madison Estep
Allison Neal
Shelby Smith
Badua rygaka

Junior Parliamentary Procedure -- 1st Place
Madison Estep - All-state president
Shelby Smith - All-state sentinel
Allison Neal
McKenzie Kline
Nadia Ruhala
Brandon Earles

Senior SoilsTeam CDE -- 1st Place
Ashley Yanego - 8th individual
Ethan Gochenour -5th individual
Courtney Hodges --2nd individual
Nathan McDonals

Junior Soils Team CDE - 1st Place
Shelby Smith -- 1st Place Individual
McKenzie Cline --4th Place individual
Allison Neal -- 5th place Individual
Nadia Ruhala -- 7th place individual

Congratulations, Shenandoah County 
FFA Members Chapters, and Advisors!!

 NFMS FFA to state

North Fork Middle School FFA members pose in front of "Unlock"  thematic poster.  Left to right:  Andrew Zirkle, Isabel Dellinger, Rhonnie Miller, Mindi Freed, and Sarah Eaton.