SCPS Announces 2017 Moore Grants

SCPS Announces 2017 Moore Grants
Posted on 02/08/2017
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Shenandoah County Public Schools has announced the recipients of grants for 2017 from the Moore Educational Trust.   This year’s grants will fund projects supportive of subjects across the curriculum and will benefit students and staff from all levels. Fifteen grants have been awarded this year totaling $127,628.00. Chad Hensley, Director of Elementary Education, serves as the Facilitator of the Moore Grant program.

Many thanks to the SCPS Instructional Technology Resource Coaches (Alyssa Moore, Natalie Rhodes, Rebecca Coffman, Valerie Fawley, Denise Orndorff, and Chanda Greco) for all of the Moore Grant  photographs and videos.


Helen MooreWhen she died in 2002, Helen Moore, a 
resident of Strasburg, Virginia, left her estate, which was valued at over three million dollars, to benefit the students of Shenandoah County Public Schools.  Each year, interest from the trust is awarded to teachers and teacher groups for special projects. 


There are two categories of Moore Grants.  The Moore Educational Trust Instructional Grant funds classroom projects, learning labs, and enrichment programs.  The Moore Educational Trust Professional Development Grant funds teacher travel, teacher study, enrichment workshops and seminars.


Projects funded for 2017:


Ashby Lee Elementary School
Code To Learn
Kat Staton
Over the past 4 years, providing meaningful computer science experiences to each student at Ashby Lee Elementary has been the goal of the school. Ashby Lee Elementary participates each year in the “Hour of Code” and has recently expanded this experience to an entire month. This grant will be used to extend student learning into the world of robotics.
Fully funded for

Dr. Johnston, Mr. Povlish , Kat Staton, and Chad Hensley
Dr. Mark Johnston (Superintendent of Schools), Steve Povlish (Principal of
 Ashby Lee Elementary School),  Kat Staton (Technology Teacher, ALE),
 and Chad Hensley (Director of Elementary Education amd facilitator of
 the Moore Grant program.)


North Fork Middle School
Our Community: A Writing Marathon & Book Publishing
Donna Shrum
     Mrs. Shrum's eighth grade students will write all year in partnership with four classrooms in Monroeville, Alabama (the hometown of Harper Lee and the fictional town of Maycomb in To Kill a Mockingbird). 
   In addition, eighth grade students at North Fork Middle School will participate in two off-campus writing marathons based on the model created in New Orleans by Richard Louth. The marathons will be part of a theme of community to tie into our writing partnership with students in Monroeville and Oregon City and reading the novel To Kill a Mockingbird.
   This partnership will conclude by publishing a book of chosen pieces of writing by the students in Virginia, Alabama, and Oregon.
Fully funded for $4,461.00


Todd Lynn, Dr. Johnston, Donna Shrum, and Chad Hensley
Todd Lynn (Principal of NFMS), Dr. Johnston,
 Donna Shrum (English 8 teacher), and Chad Hensley


Net-Zero Science Lab: Pointing the Rising Generation to a Sustainable Future
John Woods
This grant engages students to have community partnerships and promotes the second phase of a “Net Zero Science Lab’ at North Fork Middle School.  This instructional science concept will immerse students in real-life problem solving and applications using alternative energy to power a science lab.  This grant will be used for materials and electronics to further the students ability to provide alternative energy for the "Net­ Zero Science Lab."
Fully funded for$14,020.00


Todd Lynn (Principal NFMS), John Woods,(Science 6 teacher), Chad Hensley (Director of Elementary Education), student
Todd Lynn, John Woods (Science 6 teacher), Chad Hensley,  Briyanna
 Hollifield (Science 6 student), and Dr. Mark Johnston


Stonewall Jackson High School
Robotics…In Other Words
Cindy Wilkins
The purpse of this grant is to create a robotics curriculum in which students will circulate through a variety of stations consisting of different types of robots.  The enhanced curriculum will provide a physical application for student programming and problem solving skills for workforce coding skills. 
Partially funded for $1,852.57


Dr. Johnston (Superintendent), Cindy Wilkins (Technology teacher), Chad Hensley (Director of Elementary Education), Scott Schlentner (Assistant Principal, SJHS)
Dr. Mark Johnston,  Cindy Wilkins (Business teacher, Stonewall Jackson
 High School), Chad Hensley, and Scott Schlentner, Assistant Principal at

W. W. Robinson Elementary School
Project-Based Learning Mentoring Program
Cheryl Morgan
W.W. Robinson's Project-Based Learning (PBL) mentorship program will facilitate and encourage implementation of the PBL model in the elementary classroom. This PBL Mentorship Program will connect two PBL-trained and experienced teachers and two instructional coaches with four elementary teachers interested in implementing PBL. The PBL Mentorship Program will provide support in three main areas: providing background knowledge for sound PBL instructional practices, guiding curriculum development, and providing knowledgeable feedback on implementation.  Teachers in the PBL Mentorship Program will receive periodic professional leave, during which both instructional coaches and mentor teachers will assist in curriculum development and implementation. The goal of the PBL Mentorship program is to supply teachers with both the time and support to develop an integrated, real-world application of Virginia's Standards of Learning.
Fully funded for $4,575.24


Dr. Johnston, Cheryl Morgan, Chad Hensley
Dr.Johnston, Cheryl Morgan (Grade 4 teacher at W.W. Robinson),
and Chad Hensley 


Peter Muhlenberg Middle School
Classroom Innovation
Rebecca Coffman
This grant will change the current classroom into a futuristic student centered learning environment.  Students will experience a classroom that has removed the standard student desks, tables and chairs and replaced these with comfortable and transitional furniture that provides a learning oriented space that can be reorganized in minutes everyday.
Fully funded for $19,741.00

Veronica & Mark & Chad present surprise Grant to Bec Coffman (not in photo)
From left:  Veronica Zimmerman (Assistant Principal at PMMS),  Dr. Johnston, and Chad Hensley.  

Rebecca Coffman (Instructional Technology Resource Coach)
accompanied the Moore Grant presenters to Mr. Boyden's classroom.  She
had been told that Mr. Boyden  was a  Moore Grant recipient.   Bec Coffman was surprised to learn that, in fact, she was the Grant recipient.  Mr. Boyden had not applied for a Moore Grant and was equally surprised to have the entourage enter his Civics class.  

Welcome to Reality – Virtual Reality
Rebecca Coffman and Valerie Fawley
Education has moved on from books, pencils and pens to the use of interactive technologies to help impart knowledge and understanding.  This grant will bring virtual reality to the classroom for teachers to transport their entire classroom to a different place and time to engage with curriculum.  Students will be able to experience inaccessible places such as the immersive view of the human body, museums, underwater adventures, Great Pyramids in Egypt and realistic space explorations. 
Fully funded for $30,973.00


Bec Coffman, K, Guerro, Dr. Johnston
Rebecca Coffman and Valerie Fawley (Instructional Technology Resource Coaches, Central Campus) and Dr.  Mark Johnston


Central High School
The Falconer: Technology for Central’s News Source
Patrick McCarthy
This year Central High School is pleased to announce the launch of its fledgling publication, The Falconer, a student centered publication focused on reporting local and national news. The journalism class, including some student professionals in photography and film, intends to become a major force in informing and educating students, staff, and the surrounding community.  This grant will provide Chromebooks and cameras for the students who will become the public face of Central High School.
Fully funded for $8,394.95

Chad Hensley, Dr. Johnston, Patrick McCarthy (English teacher)
Chad Hensley,  Dr. Mark Johnston, and Patrick McCarthy
(English teacher, Central High  School)


Sandy Hook Elementary School
A Little Dash of Joy
Carol McFarland
This grant will provide students in the Coding Club at Sandy Hook Elementary School with three dash robots to experience the world of coding.  These robots will allow students to experience the connection between coding and programmable robots.
Fully funded for $899.97

A Little More LittleBits
Carol McFarland
This grant will provide funds to purchase the LittleBits modules for Sandy Hook Elementary School.  These electronic modules allow students to create and modify circuits which can be used with other materials during instruction.  Students at SHES will be challenged to problem-solve and find solutions to real life problems through the use of LittleBits. 
Fully funded for $700.00


Back row:  Chad Hensley (Director of Elementary Education), Robin Shrum (Principal, Sandy Hook), Carol McFarland (GATE teacher at Sandy Hook), Dr. Johnston (Superintenedent)
Chad Hensley, Robin  Shrum (Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary
 School),  Carol McFarland (GATE teacher at SHE),
and Dr. Mark Johnston 


Sensory Garden
Heather Montgomery
The Special Education Department at Sandy Hook Elementary School will use this grant to create a hands-on sensory development area utilizing the school courtyard.  Students will experience a seasonal raised flower/vegetable garden, sand area, water feature and a fine/gross motor manipulative area.
Fully funded for $6,500.00

Heather Montgomery
Dr. Johnston, Heather Montgomery, and Chad Hensley


Strasburg High School
3D/Augmented Reality Learning Lab
Melissa Lewis
Imagine a space where students are engaged, motivated, and excited to learn: where students explore the world from their classroom and communicate with students and experts on the other side of the globe.  For this project, the Strasburg High School library will convert the traditional computer lab space into a 3D learning lab. Students will learn through virtual and augmented reality as well as through distance learning.  Students will be able to go on virtual field trips to places like art museums, historical landmarks, explore content in their classrooms in 3D like geometric shapes and anatomy, Skype with students in other countries, and create content with 360 cameras. The 3D Augmented Reality Learning Lab will be hands-on, engaging, and flexible to the students interests.
Fully funded for $21,077.33


Morgan Saeler, Melissa Lewis (Librarian at Strasburg High School), Dr. Mark Johnston (Superintendent)
Morgan Saeler (Principal of Strasburg High School), Melissa Lewis (Librarian at SHS), and Dr. Johnston 



W. W. Robinson Elementary School
Professional Development-Visit to High Tech Elementary: Explorer (Htex) in San Diego, CA-PBL Elementary School
Deborah Diner and Cheryl Morgan
This grant will fund staff to visit and tour High Tech Elementary: Explorer (HTeX), in San Diego, California.  The purpose of the visit will be to provide professional development for two teachers and one school administrator regarding large-scale implementation of PBL at the elementary level. The participants will use the professional development they receive to provide mentorship to other Shenandoah County teachers who wish to make the move into PBL.
Fully funded for $4,298.91


Dr. Johnston, Debbie Diner, Chad Hensley,  and Cheryl Morgan
Dr. Johnston, Debbie Diner (Grade 4 teacher at  WW Robinson), Chad
 Hensley, and Cheryl Morgan (Grade 4 teacher at WWR)

Peter Muhlenberg Middle School/School Board Office SPED Psychologists
National Association of School Psychologists 2017 Annual Convention
Todd Coughenour and Melissa Ferebee
This grant will provide funding for staff to attend the National Association of School Psychologists' (NASP) 2017 Annual Convention.  This convention offers over 1,000 sessions and workshops over four days that will provide skills and strategies to improve the quality of services SCPS students receive.  The participants will use the professional development they receive to prepare and provide training for connecting instruction to students with disabilities.
Fully funded for $6,646.00

Melisa Ferrebe
Melissa Ferrebee (School Psychologist),
Dr. Johnston and Chad Hensley 

Mr. Coughenour, School Psychologist with Chad and Dr. Johnston
On left, Todd Coughenour (School Psychologist), Chad Hensley, Jennifer Proctor
 (Principal of W.W. Robinson Elementary School), and Dr. Mark Johnston


Signal Knob Middle School
Conference on Autism
Mariah Lutz
With the growing number of students being found eligible under the label of Autism or Intellectual Disability, there is a need to further educate staff in these areas.  This grant will fund staff to attend a Conference on Autism.  This conference will consist of keynote addresses by national experts and breakout sessions on various topics.
Fully funded for $2,125.22

Miranda Lutz
Chad Hensley,  Dr. Holly Rusher (Principal, Signal Knob Middle School),
 Mariah Lutz (Resource teacher at Signal Knob Middle School), and
Dr. Mark Johnston 

Congratulations, 2017 Moore Grant Recipients!