2017 Moore Grant Banquet

2017 Moore Educational Trust Banquet
Posted on 03/09/2017
Helen Moore

Moore Educational Trust Banquet

"The Helen Moore Grants are a gift
 to everyone in Shenandoah County.”
  Chad Hensley


Shenandoah County Public Schools held the Moore Educational Trust 2017 Banquet on March 1 at Triplett Tech.  This celebratory event honored both 2016 and 2017 Moore Grant recipients.

Prior to the dinner, guests learned about last year’s Grants as they walked through Triplett Tech stopping in classrooms and hallways to listen to presentations from the 2016 Moore Grant recipient.  Videos,  slideshows , demonstrations, and displays of items purchased with Grant funds helped teachers and administrators describe their 2016 Grants and the real-world learning these projects provided to SCPS students. 


Katie Freakley, School Board member & John Woods, Science 6 teacher
School Board member Katie Freakley talks to John Woods, Grade 6 Science
 teacher about
 the Net-Zero Science Lab at North Fork Middle School.   Mr. Woods
 has received two Moore Grants for his students' work on the Net-Zero Science

 2016 Moore Grant Recognitions

Moore Grant Projects funded for 2016 were announced and recipients were recognized at the 2017 Moore Banquet.  The complete list (below) includes only brief information.  Please click  to read additional details about each 2016 Grant:     http://tinyurl.com/Moore-Grants-2016 .)

Continuation of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library - Susan Tusing and Heather Diehl.  Ashby Lee Elementary School

Heather Diehl and Susan Tusing

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL) is a program sponsored by The Dollywood Foundation that mails a free book to children every month until they turn five.  More than 800 children are enrolled in this program in Shenandoah County.  This Grant, which began several years ago,  continues in 2017.
Photo from left:  Heather Diehl and Susan Tusing



Wheel it On In: USA BMX Challenge - Pat Leslie. North Fork Middle School   
The purpose of this project was to provide a cross-curricular experience that would engage students in meaningful and purposeful learning by building BMX racing bikes. Students utilized the engineering design process by using critical thinking skills.   

 Ride Like A Champion - Melanie Woods. North Fork Middle School  
The focus of physical education programs has shifted to teaching students lifetime fitness. This program provided 34 bicycles and other equipment to allow all students opportunities to learn bike safety while riding bicycles.

 Diving into Aquaculture - Todd Lynn and Tarinda Mumaw. North Fork Middle School
The addition of a saltwater aquarium and tilapia aquaponics unit to North Fork Middle School gave students the opportunity to gain hands on experience with aquatic and plant life and not only  provided an opportunity for students to explore hydroponics but also an opportunity to learn about aquatic behaviors and ecosystems.

Net-Zero Science 6 Classroom - John Woods. North Fork Middle School   

John Woods and Morgan Saeler

This initiative stemmed from investigations conducted by sixth grade science students in response to an energy challenge presented by Dr. Raley:   "Find ways to use alternative energy in our schools to reduce dependence on the conventional energy grid."  Two groups of sixth grade students recommended that the currently unused modular classroom behind the main school building be recycled into a Net-Zero Science 6 Classroom. (Photo:  John Woods explains to Strasburg High School Principal Morgan Saeler how students use Kill-o-Watt meters to measure energy used by devices.)   

 Implementing the SCPS Cornerstones and Project Based Learning through Smart Music in the Band Room - Sarah Mrosko. Central High School
The purpose of this project was to teach students to become better independent musicians, as well as contributing members of the ensemble program. These goals  were achieved through the use of the SmartMusic program and by implementing the SCPS cornerstones into daily teaching through project based learning.

CHS Genius Bar - Tripp Ennis. Central High School  
Many Central High School students have a passion for technology. Members of Central High School’s Genius Bar provided students and staff free support for software and hardware. Members of the Genius Bar fixed broken computers and other electronics and helped students and staff better utilize their Smartphones, laptops and other devices.


CHS Genius Bar

  Jessica Sharp, Jeremy Racey, and Abigail Lefferts


Room 21C: Video & Audio Production - Lisa Gibson. Stonewall Jackson High School    
Lisa Gibson, SJHS librarian, converted  Room 21C into a production studio that includes an iMac, Green Screen, cameras, and microphone systems.  Audio and video creation software give the students the opportunity to create dynamic projects and master new skills.

 Summer Academy - Connie Pangle & Katie Rice. Triplett Tech 
 During the summer of 2016, students, who had completed seventh or eighth grade, worked with instructors at Triplett Technical School for three hours per day for eight days. Students  completed several projects in their chosen area of interest. The Summer Academy provided students the opportunity to test drive their career pathways options. 


Connie Pangle and Dr. Johnston
 Connie Pangle, Principal of Triplett Tech, and Dr. Mark Johnston, Superintendent
 of Schools, check out a nail coloring model from cosmetolog


Books By Mail Reading Program
Title I Reading Specialists. Ashby Lee, WW Robinson, Sandy Hook Elementary Schools
The 2015 Books By Mail Reading Program had an 80% completion rate. The majority of students who participated maintained or improved their instructional reading level from the end of the second grade to the beginning of third grade. Based on student success, the 2016 program expanded and improved the 2015 program

 The Electric Strings Project - Jennifer Perry. Peter Muhlenberg and Central High School
The “Electric Strings project” allowed Central Campus orchestra students (grades 6-12) to practice and perform on electric stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, string bass). The use of electric stringed instruments gave orchestra students the opportunity to practice and perform more genres of music including rock & roll, pop, and jazz.  


Electric Strings CHS Jennifer Perry
From left around circle:  Mackenzie Ryman (Violin), Jessi Sfarnas (Cello), Jamie
 Sfarnas (Viola), and Judith Hoffman (Violin) performing on Electric Strings Grant


On The Move With Bella (Duke)
Heather Pugh. Sandy Hook Elementary School 
In Animal Assisted Therapy(AAT), therapists use animals to support achievement of goals. AAT is supported by research and is provided in many school and therapeutic settings. Very sadly, Bella, a certified therapy dog, died before the project began.  Duke is currently completing his training to become a therapy dog. 


Heather Pugh and Duke
Heather Pugh and Todd Cochenour with Duke


Instructional Coaching Institute by Jim Knight-Conference April 4-5, 2016 - Rayanna Davis. Ashby Lee, WW Robinson, and Sandy Hook Elementary Schools.
Each elementary school in Shenandoah County has the benefit of incorporating instructional coaches.  The Instructional Coaching Institute, led by Jim Knight, offers strategic learning opportunities for coaches to collaborate and acquire coaching skills that can be put into practice immediately.

 Consultants by the Virginia Quality Standards Rating Program - Amy Bauserman. Peter Muhlenberg Middle School .
Inclusive Virginia Preschool Initiative classes are undergoing evaluation by the Virginia Quality Standards rating program. In order for the school division’s preschool classes to prepare for this evaluation, consultation will be provided using an established coaching model.

  ●Kitchen Table Violin Repairs Course on Repairing Stringed Instruments - Rebecca Cooper, Joel Ross, Jennifer Perry, Wendy Whitford.  Peter Muhlenberg Middle School, Strasburg High School, Signal Knob Middle School,  Central High School, and North Fork Middle School 
Music instructors scheduled a “Kitchen Table Violin Repairs” workshop, a professional development opportunity with the Potter’s Violins Company This was a very intensive, one day course that enabled strings teachers to acquire the basic skills necessary to maintain the stringed instruments in the SCPS programs. 


Rebecca Cooper
 Rebecca Cooper demonstrates violin repairs. 

Chad Hensley

Following the self-guided tours, guests and honorees were invited to convene in Triplett’s cafeteria.   Chad Hensley, Director of Elementary Education and Facilitator of the Moore Grant program, thanked everyone for coming to the celebration.  He introduced special guests including MaryEllen Ruddy of Edward Jones (Woodstock, VA), who sponsors the Moore Banquet and supports the mission of the Moore Educational Trust;  Jason Sheetz and Amanda Wiseley, members of the Moore Educational Trust Board of Directors;  Tim Taylor and Marty Helsley,  members of the Moore Grant Selection Committee;  Sharon Baroncelli, Executive Director of the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce  and Dawn Funkhouser, President of the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce;  Cindy Walsh and Katie Freakley, members of the   Shenandoah County School Board; Steve Baker, member of the  Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, and central office administrators and building level administrators from the Shenandoah County Public Schools.

Dr. Mark Johnston, Superintendent of Shenandoah County Public Schools, welcomed everyone to the Moore Grant Banquet and thanked Chad Hensley for his leadership as facilitator of this Trust.  Dr. Johnston noted that a few years ago, he  had been a Moore Grant recipient with Dave Sherwood (Stonewall Jackson High School science teacher) and felt honored to be at the Banquet.   “This program,” he said, “is an incredible resource for Shenandoah County and provides funding for innovative ideas like the Net-Zero science lab, the Dolly Parton Imagination Library,  the Genius Bar, and many others.   We are so very privileged that Helen Moore had the foresight to know what will be important in the future and that is the education of our young people.   It is difficult to find words to express our appreciation.”

Prior to dinner, Mr. Hensley thanked John Davis, technology teacher at Triplett Tech, and his students for preparing classrooms and hallways for the Moore Grant 2016 presentations.  As well, he thanked Chef Paje Cross, Culinary Arts teacher,  and her students for preparing and serving the banquet.  Chef Cross introduced her students and described in brilliant detail the menu for the evening.  

After the meal,  Mr. Hensley began the Moore Grant 2017 presentation  with a brief biography of Helen Moore.

Helen Moore
 “We need,” said Mr. Hensley, “to take time to celebrate Helen Moore,”  the woman whose generous nature and belief in the importance of education engendered the Moore Educational Trust.  Born and raised in Kansas, Helen was the daughter of  parents who were strong supporters of education.  For Helen to receive an education, she and her siblings boarded with other families in town during the school week.  After graduating from high school and receiving business training, Helen worked for the Federal Government for thirty years.  She and her husband owned farms in Loudoun, Frederick, and Shenandoah County. 

When she died in 2002, Ms. Moore was a resident of Strasburg.  Her estate, valued at over three million dollars, was left to benefit the students of Shenandoah County Public Schools.  The interest from the trust provides the funding for the Moore Educational Trust grants. Fifteen grants were awarded this year totaling $127,628.   Over the past ten years, 149 grants have been awarded totaling $1,174,745.73.  “The Moore Grants,” said Mr. Hensley, “are really a gift to everyone in Shenandoah County.”

The 2017 Moore Grant recipients were announced,  and Dr. Mark Johnston, Superintendent of the Shenandoah County Public Schools,  presented their checks to the Grant recipients.

Instructional Grants Awarded

Ashby Lee Elementary School
Code To Learn - Kat Staton
Over the past 4 years, providing meaningful computer science experiences to each student at Ashby Lee Elementary has been the goal of the school. Ashby Lee Elementary participates each year in the “Hour of Code” and has recently expanded this experience to an entire month. This grant will be used to extend student learning into the world of robotics.
Fully funded for $1,362.81  

Kat Staton
Kat Staton and Dr. Johnston



North Fork Middle School
Our Community: A Writing Marathon & Book Publishing - Donna Shrum
Mrs. Shrum's eighth grade students will write all year in partnership with four classrooms in Monroeville, Alabama (the hometown of Harper Lee and the fictional town of Maycomb inTo Kill a Mockingbird).  In addition, eighth grade students at North Fork Middle School will participate in two off-campus writing marathons based on the model created in New Orleans by Richard Louth. The marathons will be part of a theme of community to tie into a writing partnership with students in Monroeville and Oregon City and reading the novel To Kill a Mockingbird.  This partnership will conclude by publishing a book of chosen pieces of writing by the students in Virginia, Alabama, and Oregon. 
Fully funded for $4,461.00

Donna Shrum & Dr. Johnston
Donna Shrum and Dr. Johnston

North Fork Middle School
Net-Zero Science Lab: Pointing the Rising Generation to a Sustainable Future -  John Woods
This grant engages students to have community partnerships and promotes the second phase of a “Net Zero Science Lab’ at North Fork Middle School.  This instructional science concept will immerse students in real-life problem solving and applications using alternative energy to power a science lab.  This grant will be used for materials and electronics to further the students’ ability to provide alternative energy for the "Net­ Zero Science Lab."
Fully funded for $14,020.00 


John Woods and Dr. Hinegardner
John Woods and Dr. Johnston


Stonewall Jackson High School
Robotics…In Other Words - Cindy Wilkins
The purpose of this grant is to create a robotics curriculum in which students will circulate through a variety of stations consisting of different types of robots.  The enhanced curriculum will provide a physical application for student programming and problem solving skills for workforce coding skills. 
Partially funded for $1,852.57

Cindy Wilkins and Dr. Johnston
Cindy Wilkins and Dr. Johnston



W. W. Robinson Elementary School
Project-Based Learning Mentoring Program - Cheryl Morgan
W.W. Robinson's Project-Based Learning (PBL) mentorship program will facilitate and encourage implementation of the PBL model in the elementary classroom. This PBL Mentorship Program will connect two PBL-trained and experienced teachers and two instructional coaches with four elementary teachers interested in implementing PBL. The PBL Mentorship Program will provide support in three main areas: providing background knowledge for sound PBL instructional practices, guiding curriculum development, and providing knowledgeable feedback on implementation.  Teachers in the PBL Mentorship Program will receive periodic professional leave, during which both instructional coaches and mentor teachers will assist in curriculum development and implementation. The goal of the PBL Mentorship program is to supply teachers with both the time and support to develop an integrated, real-world application of Virginia's Standards of Learning.
Fully funded for $4,575.24

Holly Taff, Monica Hinegardner, Cheryl Morgan, Deb Diner
From left:  Holly Taff, Monica Hinegardner, Cheryl Morgan, and Deb Diner  


 Peter Muhlenberg Middle School 
Classroom Innovation - Rebecca Coffman
This grant will change the current classroom into a futuristic student centered learning environment.  Students will experience a classroom that has removed the standard student desks, tables and chairs with comfortable and transitional furniture that provides a learning oriented space that can be reorganized in minutes everyday.  
Fully funded for $19,741.00Kristine Hoover, Rebecca Coffman, & Dr. Johnston

From left:  Kristine Hoover, Rebecca Coffman, and Dr. Johnston 


WW Robinson

Welcome to Reality – Virtual Reality - Rebecca Coffman and Valerie Fawley
Education has moved on from books, pencils and pens to the use of interactive technologies to help impart knowledge and understanding.  This grant will bring virtual reality to the classroom for teachers to transport their entire classroom to a different place and time to engage with curriculum.  Students will be able to experience inaccessible places such as the immersive view of the human body, museums, underwater adventures, Great Pyramids in Egypt, and realistic space explorations.
Fully funded fo$30,973.00

Valerie Fawley, Rebecca Coffman
From left:  Valerie Fawley, Rebecca Coffman, and  Dr. Johnston



Central High School
The Falconer: Technology for Central’s News Source - Patrick McCarthy
This year Central High School is pleased to announce the launch of its fledgling publication, The Falconer, a student centered publication focused on reporting local and national news. The journalism class, including some student professionals in photography and film, intends to become a major force in informing and educating students, staff, and the surrounding community.  This grant would provide Chromebooks and cameras for the students who will become the public face of Central High School. 
Fully funded for $8,394.95


Patrick McCarthy and Dr. Johnston

Patrick McCarthy and  Dr. Johnston



Sandy Hook Elementary School
A Little Dash of Joy - Carol McFarland
This grant will provide students in the Coding Club at Sandy Hook Elementary School with three dash robots to experience the world of coding.  These robots will allow students to experience the connection between coding and programmable robots.  Fully funded for $899.97

A Little More LittleBits - Carol McFarland

This grant will provide funds to purchase the LittleBits modules for Sandy Hook Elementary School.  These electronic modules allow students to create and modify circuits which can be used with other materials during instruction.  Students at SHES will be challenged to problem-solve and find solutions to real life problems through the use of LittleBits.

Fully funded for $700.00


Carol McFarland & Dr. Johnston
Carol McFarland and  Dr. Johnston



Strasburg High School
3D/Augmented Reality Learning Lab - Melissa Lewis
Imagine a space where students are engaged, motivated, and excited to learn: where students explore the world from their classroom and communicate with students and experts on the other side of the globe.  For this project, the Strasburg High School library will convert the traditional computer lab space into a 3D learning lab. Students will learn through virtual and augmented reality as well as through distance learning.  Students will be able to go on virtual field trips to places like art museums, historical landmarks, explore content in their classrooms in 3D like geometric shapes and anatomy, Skype with students in other countries, and create content with 360 cameras. The 3D Augmented Reality Learning Lab will be hands-on, engaging, and flexible to the students interests.
Fully funded for $21,077.33

Melissa Lewis and Dr. Johnston
Melissa Lewis and Dr. Johnston




W.W. Robinson Elementary School
Professional Development-Visit to High Tech Elementary: Explorer (Htex) in San Diego, CA-PBL Elementary School - Deborah Diner, Cheryl Morgan
This grant will fund staff to visit and tour High Tech Elementary: Explorer (HTeX), in San Diego, California.  The purpose of the visit will be to provide professional development for two teachers and one school administrator regarding large-scale implementation of PBL at the elementary level. The participants will use the professional development they receive to provide mentorship to other Shenandoah County teachers who wish to make the move into PBL.
Fully funded for $4,298.91


Debbie Diner & Cheryl Morgan
From left:  Debbie Diner, Cheryl Morgan, and Dr. Johnston



Peter Muhlenberg Middle School/School Board Office SPED Psychologists
National Association of School Psychologists 2017 Annual Convention Melissa Ferebee, Todd Coughenour
This grant will provide funding for staff to attend the National Association of School Psychologists' (NASP) 2017 Annual Convention.  This convention offers over 1,000 sessions and workshops over four days that will provide skills and strategies to improve the quality of services SCPS students receive.  The participants will use the professional development they receive to prepare and provide training for connecting instruction to students with disabilities. 
Fully funded for $6,646.00


Todd Coughenour, Melissa Ferebee, & Dr. Johnston
From left:  Todd Coughenour, Melissa Ferebee, and Dr. Johnston


Signal Knob Middle School
Conference on Autism - Mariah Lutz
With the growing number of students being found eligible under the label of Autism or Intellectual Disability, there is a need to further educate staff in these areas.  This grant will fund staff to attend a Conference on Autism.  This conference will consist of keynote addresses by national experts and breakout sessions on various topics. 
Fully funded for $2,125.22

Mariah Lutz

Mariah Lutz and Dr. Johnston



Before concluding the Moore Banquet, Mr. Hensley thanked the Instructional Technology Resource Coaches for all of the photos and videos they created for the banquet and during the school visits when he and Dr. Johnston delivered the Moore grants to recipients who had no idea why Dr. Johnston and Mr. Hensley suddenly appeared in their classrooms.

“The ITRC’s really captured the surprise and the happiness of those receiving the Grants,” said Mr. Hensley. 

Lastly, Mr. Hensley thanked Sheryl Jett, Administrative Assistant for himself and for Dr. David  Hinegarder, the Director of Middle and Secondary Education.   “Sheryl doesn’t miss dotting an “i” or crossing a “t,” he said.  “With Sheryl in charge,” Mr. Hensley announced, “We know we don’t have to worry about anything.  And, Sheryl was in charge of the Moore Banquet.  She took care of organizing and attending to all of the details.  We didn’t have to worry!”

The Banquet was a wonderful celebration of Helen Moore's great gift that continues to benefit the students of Shenandoah County Public Schools