Developmental Milestones

Most 2 Year Olds:

Most 3 year olds:

Most 4 year olds:

ü  Begin to learn new words quickly

ü  Put 2 -3 words together

ü  Can name simple body parts

ü  Knows his/her first name

ü  Says "no" frequently to adults

ü  Wants to be independent

ü  Feeds self with some spilling

ü  Begins play beside friends

ü  Runs without falling

ü  Walks up and down stairs alone

ü  Demonstrate more independence in daily routines. They show pride in accomplishments by stating "look at me."

ü  Untie shoes, remove simple clothing, use utensils for eating and usually use the toilet successfully.

ü  Begin to develop a good command of language. They use some 3-4 word sentences, engage in conversations and relay information about recent events. They respond to simple questions such as "what is your name?".

ü  Have better control over their bodies than two year olds. They negotiate stairs independently, enjoy playing with balls, and ride tricycles, and run with control.

ü  Enjoy scribbling and are beginning to draw simple people. They make simple forms like balls and snakes with play dough. They will hold books correctly and turn pages one at a time.

ü  Are developing an imagination and play with other children their age however, they often argue and have difficulty sharing. They are able to dress themselves independently with help on fasteners and brushing their teeth.

ü  Demonstrate curiosity by asking "who" and "why" questions. They begin to use sentences with "adult" structure. They begin to speak of imaginary conditions such as "I suppose that" or "I hope." Most 4 year olds observe and make discoveries on their own.

ü  Are independent on playground equipment. They are speedy, moving from one activity to the next.

ü  Are drawing pictures of people with more recognizable parts and demonstrate an interest in writing and copying letters. They can cut across a page and